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2 Year Voyage of Expansion and Education

We all have different medicines to share with the world and during these extraordinary times, our uniqueness is needed more than ever. 

My name is Taheera Maat or Ma’at, I am a Shaman, Plant  Medicine Woman and Clinical Trained Therapist. I have been in the healing field for over 20 years and have apprenticed shamans to help elevate my own uniqueness to help serve unique beings like yourself. My story of coming into this expansion started just like everyone else, a narrative of knowing that there was something more than what was being fed to me which naturally attracted the mentors that were aligned to get me to the next level.

To be a Medicine Woman/ Man is coming into the innerstanding that your uniqueness and frequency is the Medicine and going through the initiations to fully embody what that looks like for you. My calling as a healer was to go through the systemized way of learning to serve people and  to alchemize that experience to create something unique. Listen to my own process of this..


Classses Begins May 3 rd, 2022

4:30PM~7:30PM AST/EST


What this voyage is designed to do is to assist the initiations within by taking action on the alchemical process. It takes more than thinking about it and reading books to embody your uniqueness. There is a lot of reorganization of the psychological program that keeps one jaded from the Truth. Not only will this deepen your awareness in the narratives that could be blocking  you from  expansion but it will also  deepen your skills/ gifts as the medicine woman/man that you are.


Temple Purification

(Initiate) 2 months

Most people, even though they obtain high levels of knowledge, are energetically, and mentally “imbalance”. Working with minds for over 20 years I have a sixth sense of spotting a polarity still looping that is connected to  the Synthetic Merkabah of what most call the Matrix. As Healers, we must learn that we can only get someone as far as we are. This course is designed for you to Master Oneself so you may help others to do the same. No half steppin! The initiate mindset is willing to let  go of what they have in order to expand in a whole new level of consciousness. From there, the information that you learn before the process takes on a whole different meaning.  Polarity Looping happens partially  from  physical diet, but mostly from the metaphysical  psychological fields that one still may be functioning from unconsciously. 

It can be an intense process that is designed to get the mind, energetic, and physical body, prepared to expand and go through an harmonic ascension process. This is also the beginning of the Shamanic (Earthbound Initiation) into one's mind, heart and soul. We explore each chakra system utilizing the 13 Level Chakra System. 

This will be an in depth approach exploring what archetypes are connected to each one that will be interwoven with Atlantis, Kemetic Metaphysics.

You will also be introduced to Yoga, Herbal and Sound Alchemy from other Medicine Women in the school to help accelerate the detoxification process.

"Trauma Informed" Shamanism  (Mind Alchemy) 2 months

Our souls are inifinite therefore so our experiences.  To accept that we chose our paths means also accepting that our "truama contracts" are part of our expansion. Western Medicine caters to the Trauma and instead of curing the trauma, its all about maintaineance and surviving. Shamanic Medicine is recognizing that those stories are part our experiences that we be carrying with in the DNA through many lifetimes and NOW its about trasmitting the pain, which is curing the trauma.

This will be the beginning of bridging the gap between clinical  and shamanic applications. The first stage is getting you prepared to work with the spiritual psychology of the mind, particularly the “Western” Conditioned Mind  by going deep into the metaphysical psychology including the new current psychological issues that are happening due to Covid. We  expand on the deep layering of the hypnosis. This includes understanding the Shamanic Rooted Origins of Mental Health, Decoding Dreams, Astral Travel, working with the Ancestors, “Angels’, and  Elemental Technology. 

Energetic Anatomy (Body Alchemy) 2 months

In this section we go over the Energetic Anatomy on a deeper level, understanding the body as an instrument that holds energy in the chakra centers as well as other meridian points and learning to use hands on healing,  instruments, elemental technology, into your sessions. We also go over a standard way of understanding energetic vibration by learning vedic numerology.  We were ALL born into this existence as vibration and sound. You will find this information very useful when working with clients as well as navigating your own personal relationships with other energies. 

Shamanism Pt. 1 Sprit/ Elemental Alchemy (2months)

This is where things become even more non-linear and you must give yourself an opportunity to re learn coming back to our Aniceint Wisdom. In Westen traditions, spirituality has been dismissed from the Clinical World. There are many reasons but there is a part of you that knows that in order to remember wholeness and live in sovereignty, the spirit must be set free.

This is where you as a healer goes through an Embodiment Initation. The more you own your freedom, the more of the people you serve will  feel safe to reveal themselves to you.  At this point of the program,  you would've   moved through many different layers of yourself and now it's time to really see if what was learned has been thoroughly transmitted into your mind, body and spirit. 

Shamanism Pt.2 Plant Medicine and Kambo (Two-Week Residency)

This is where we take a practical guide into becoming a Medicine Facilitator and/ or Ingtegration Coach. You will learn how to do individual and group ceremonies. We will go over each Medicine as well as get initiated into the Medicines through Ayachsusca. the Master Teacher Plant.  This experience is far different then sitting in a healing ceremony with Ayachusca. The experience is designed to teach you about each medicine that you will work with through an Soul Remembrance.  You will learn to also how to administer Kambo Frog Medicine as well faciliate psicoloybin ceremonys and therapeutic sessions. All Medicines will include Rapeh', Sananga, Psilocybin, Psilo-syrian rue, and Kambo.  We will go over, setting up your altar, Shamamic Instruments, Sacred Dancing, Sacred Masculine and Feminine Healing, and Tantra.

Metaphysics and Alchemy

(2 months)

This is where we get into more of the Esoteric knowledge.  Learning this knowledge in a more structural manner maximizes one’s  potential to innerstand and initiate activations within, versus just regurgitating information.  In this section we go over more of the alchemical structure of the merkabah and the laws of nature. This knowledge strengthens your innerstanding  in how the matrix is created and how one must gain Sovereignty over their entire vessel in order to truly be free of all conditions.  

One Year Apprenticeship

This year is all about nurturing your individual paths of Medicine. I will be doing individual sessions  twice a month and group gatherings once a month. In the individual sessions we will be discussing how to maximize what you learned and your potential along with business strategies.  We will also discuss individual cases. In the group classes we will discuss cases, process challenges that may be coming up and overall growth.


`.             Nadege                     Sound Bender

Autum Shumacher Integrative Plant Medicine Woman

        Phoebe Hawk          Shaman-Astrologist Wisdom Keeper

Rosie Velasquez       Mentor-Weaver-Storyteller

What you will receive..


You will receive a Certificate of Completion outlining matriculation of material covered throughout the program to serve as a reference for yourself and client referrals.


The relationships that are built in this sacred space is PRICELESS.

Alumni Discounts

Alumni Discounts to Womb Gatherings and upcoming courses.

Music and Meditation List

Access to music playlists and meditations.


Rapeh Training

Kambo Training

Drum Healing


“Psilohuasca has a similar basis to ayahuasca – it combines a psychedelic substance with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (the ‘-huasca’ part). However, the psychedelic substance used is psilocin (which is metabolized from psilocybin). This is combined with a plant that contains an MAO-inhibitor; the ground-up seeds of Syrian rue are most commonly used.”

The journey itself is different from Ayahuasca. The medicine opens up another doorway of the consciousness to travel, leading you back to the heart. This is where your subconscious will show you patterns that may need reconstructing. It is deeply therapeutic and meditative and great for people who are looking for a subtle and mild experience. 

During the 2 week immersion you will learn how to make and facilitate this medicine. 

Adey Chekol, who is part of the current Ecology of Clinical Shamanism Course, explains her experience. 


"Working with Taheera in the Lion Heart initiation was truly transformative. Taheera is such a knowledgeable and thoughtful guide who is with you every step of the way as you navigate your new changing self. Having tribe with you each week as you all go through similar changes is just the support needed. I feel like a completely different person. My creativity is flowing, my heart more open and I have a deeper trust of myself and the universe." ~Gloria

“Taheera's wisdom is delivered like a strong wind, sometimes taking your breath away, pushing up against your comfort zone, to a force that propells you in your journey to remembering who you truly are. She delivers messages and teachings as a wise woman who can take often times complex topics into grounded lessons of Love and Truth. She is one of the few exceptional Teachers who can balance holding space, speaking Truth and standing in their power while still being grounded. I am honored to learn from her."    ~ Rosie

"Taheera's program is exceptional if you're looking to deepen your understanding of yourself but more importantly, connect with your inner healer so that you can heal yourself. Taheera guides you gently back home to yourself which is much needed in this time."~Leah



Payment Plans are available.

Down Payment of $1000

Sessions Start: May 3rd, 2022

*This includes residency expenses but not flight costs*

If interested please fill out the form below to schedule your Soul Session to see if this is the right fit. 

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How do I access the course information?

You can access the course content on any device. If you have any questions, contact support.

When does the course start and end?

The Course starts May.3rd, 2022 with orientation beginning May, 2024 (TBD). 


What day/time class begins and end?

Classes will be every Tuesday via zoom 4:30pm~730pm AST /EST for the length of the course (unless I have to reschedule or do a pre-recorded lecture ,which I will let the class know ahead of time.)


Are individual sessions included?

Yes.The first year individual sessions will be done once a month which the person is responsible to schedule. 

During the year of Apprentceship, individual sessions will be done twice a month.

Will classes be recorded?

Yes. All clasess will be recored and uploaded on the portal where you have access 24/7. Any additional information will also be uploaded.

If all this resonates, what are you waiting for? Click on the link below, fill out the form and schedule your Soul Session. I look forward in meeting you! See you on the other side!

About the Facilitator....

Taheera Ma'at is a Shamanic Plant Medicine Woman, Clinical Trained Therapist who assists people to the next level of their spiritual expansion. She is certified as an EMDR/Trauma Specialist, Reiki Master, Angel Healer, Akashic Record Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist. Kambo Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and has a M.S. in Human Services/ Mental Health Counseling from Capella University and a M.S. in Professional Counseling from Carlow University. She has been practicing in the healing arts  for over 20 years  and considers herself a Healing Artist, combining Metaphysical, Clinical and Shamanic healing modalities. Through her own spiritual quest for truth, she realizes one of her gifts is to be a Spiritual Mother for a souls  journey home to Sovereignty .

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